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Tourism in Barcelona During Summer

Popularly known for its football, Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia and is the second-largest city in Spain. The city life in Barcelona is one great fiesta and tourists are bound to have a gala time in this colourful city.

Tourism in Rotterdam During Summer

The places to visit in Rotterdam are full of mystery and artistic beauty enough to enthral people of all ages.

Tourism in Gothenburg During Summer

The second biggest city in Sweden, Gothenburg is known for its amazing seafood, world class restaurants and dense forests. The city has the reputation of the greenest city in the world and has the highest sustainability index of any city on the planet.

Rome: The City of Echoes, Illusions and Yearning

Augustus left a city of marble that was once a city of bricks; Lord Byron called it the city of his soul; Giotto di Bondone called it the city of echoes, illusions and yearning. Anotole Broyard though it was a poem pressed into service as a city.