10 Best Apps to Read Someone’s Snapchat Messages

Snapchat is an app in which messages are hard to keep track of since they disappear after the recipients read it. Thus, there is effectively no memory of the chat. Reading someone else’s messages constitutes a violation of privacy but in some cases, it becomes imperative. If one wants to find out if their partner is cheating on them or if parents want to keep track of their child’s activity, spy apps are required to monitor people’s activities.

Snapchat Spy App – What is it?

Snapchat Spy Apps to Explore in 2020

It is an application, which when downloaded on someone’s phone, can be used to remotely monitor their activities, unbeknownst to them and at no risk of getting caught. These apps make the monitoring business a lot easier, quick and hassle free.

How does it Work?

These apps archive the messages to their cloud as soon as they are sent and received. In this way, the chats can be accessed even after they disappear.

Actual Process involved to Read the Snapchat Through an App

  1. Download the application
  2. Enter the license key
  3. Enter the target phone number
  4. Follow simple steps to access information from target phone within minutes
  5. The accessed information is saved to the cloud and displayed to the secure source server
  6. All these steps take place remotely, only a good internet connection is required.
  7. The three major things to be kept in mind are download, activation and monitoring
  8. Download can only happen through an over- the- air (OTA) link

How to Read Someone’s Snapchat Messages?

  1. Choose the appropriate monitoring app, one which fits all your specifications
  2. Buy it if its paid
  3. Install the application, process differs from app to app.
  4. Access data remotely from the comfort of your own phone/ computer

What this Snapchat Spy App Capable of?

A snapchat spy app allows you to

  • Read, track and save Snapchat messages
  • Access snap stories and snap videos
  • Access photos, gifs and videos
  • Snap originals
  • Track one’s snap map use

Why are these Snapchat Spy Apps Required?

The internet has both advantages and disadvantages. While it is a great resource for kids for both learning and fun, it also leaves them vulnerable to various dangers such as:

  • Age- inappropriate content: explicit, violent or age inappropriate content, which is available in abundance on the internet in form of photos, videos and websites can be accessed or sent to children by strangers.
  • Cyber Bullying, sexual harassment and predators: being innocent, children don’t even realise when they become victims of cyber bullying, online predators and harrassment.
  • Scams: scammers take advantage of children’s lack of knowledge and persuade them to provide their personal details or account details or to click on certain links.

List of Top 10 Snapchat Spy Apps in 2020


Snapchat Spy Apps to Explore in 2020

It is an easy to use monitoring Snapchat Spy app.

Services Provided:

  • Monitors internet activities, not just Snapchat
  • Monitors search history and downloads
  • Restricts internet usage
  • Provides alerts for specific activities. Alerts can be customized


  • You can read messages on all social media accounts
  • You can access search history and identify patterns
  • You can track device location
  • Compatible with multiple devices


  • The call recording feature is not well developed and causes errors


Snapchat Spy Apps to Explore in 2020

Monitors all social media apps as well as SMS, Snapchat etc.

Services Provided:

  • Location tracking and mapping
  • Can send an alert after crossing a certain geographical boundary
  • Can track search history and block specific content
  • Can block certain youtube videos
  • Track youtube search/ watch history
  • Monitor sexual content, messages, prevent cyberbullying


  • Highly customizable
  • Blocks content using specific keywords on all social media platforms
  • Detects pornographic content- pictures, videos, messages
  • Limits internet usage as well as screen time in general
  • Jailbreaking is not required


  • Is unable to block certain apps


Snapchat Spy Apps to Explore in 2020

Good app for monitoring smartphone activity. The installation process is by far the easiest. Compatible with both android and iphones. Has free upgrades which enable it to stay compatible with newer operating systems.

Services Provided:

Lets you access all information from a smartphone and upload it in a private server to access it whenever you want. Makes calls, texts, messages, location, photos and videos available


  • Perfect for people who are no too tech savvy
  • Works fast
  • Easy to download and use
  • No rooting necessary
  • Accesses even deleted texts
  • Accesses accurate information

Cons :

  • Iphone Viber messages cannot be accessed

Highster Mobile

Snapchat Spy Apps to Explore in 2020

Best app for spying on iphones, no jailbreaking or rooting required. You wouldn’t be locked out of the phone.

Services Provided:

  • Gathers all information
  • Keylogger captures keystrokes including usernames


  • Works with androids as well as iphones


  • Late reporting of gps information
  • Cannot access skype, viber and kik messages

Auto Forward

Snapchat Spy Apps to Explore in 2020

Works best with android phones, easy installation and usage

Services Provided:

  • Provides information and saves time, money and energy


  • Easy to use, works with android and iphones, bypasses passwords, faster downloading capability.


  • Does not access BBM, Viber and Geo fencing
  • Cost: 30 dollars


Snapchat Spy Apps to Explore in 2020

Snapchat Spy app for beginners

Services Provided:

Can track messages, videos, gifs and photos from Snapchat account along with Snapchat attachments. Can track location, information of sent and received messages


  • Good exchange and return policy
  • Can be installed multiple times, as many times as necessary


  • Uses a lot of battery, phone gets discharged easily
  • Doesn’t have the cutting edge advanced features like other apps


Snapchat Spy Apps to Explore in 2020

A spy app which is virtually undetectable and hence no chance of getting caught

Services Provided:

Can track hangout messages, monitor SMS, phone calls and call logs, can spy on all social media apps such as Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram other than Snapchat.


Spying can be remotely carried out.


  • Websites and keywords cannot be blocked
  • Not as advanced in technology as other apps
  • Not customizable


Snapchat Spy Apps to Explore in 2020

Meant especially for tracking message and all its attendant details on Snapchat

Services Provided:

GPS location monitoring, Keylogger feature which predicts typing patterns and makes word based search easier, can predict the general trend of someone’s searches.


  • Uses less space
  • Runs secretly in the background


  • Phone numbers and websites cannot be blocked by this application.


Snapchat Spy Apps to Explore in 2020

Guarantees stealth and customer satisfaction

Services Provided:

Like other apps, it too provides monitoring services across various social media platforms as well as across the smartphone throughout. It also has the keylogging feature which helps in predicting typing and search trends thus introducing a whole new level of surveillance.


  • The app gives the scope for multiple downloads across systems. It also provides the service of free updates and upgrades which will ensure that it will not become redundant with the fast evolving smartphone technology and has continuous scope for innovation.


  • The customer service of this brand isn’t up to the mark. They do not provide 24×7 support.


Snapchat Spy Apps to Explore in 2020

An effective app for continuous, real time monitoring of Snapchat data.

Services Provided:

It provides a live control panel option which gives the scope for continuous , uninterrupted surveillance. It is especially useful for tracking the location of the target.


  • Continuously monitors all social media apps
  • Has a unique stealth camera feature which almost converts the target’s smartphone into a CCTV camera.


  • While it allows for continuous monitoring, it is not as well developed in the memory aspect. Sometimes, all data doesn’t get stored in the cloud since continuous production of data requires an immense level of memory. Communication logs are sometimes inaccurate.

Other Snapchat Spying Apps available:

  • Spyine: Critics say that this app “powers right through snapchat’s secrecy wall”. This App has been commended by major platforms like BBC, Forbes and Tom’s Guide. Customers have provided overwhelmingly positive reviews of this app. It is regularly used by parents and people in relationships. The best thing about this app is that it does not require any prior technical knowledge to set it up and use it.
  •  Minspy: Known for its speed and accuracy, Minspy is a well known brand in surveillance technology. Over the years, it has generated a loyal customer base through its consistency and is steadily expanding its reach. The general critical consensus regarding this app has largely been positive.
  • HelloSpy: This app is popular largely because of its handy Facebook password finder function.
  • SpyHuman: It gives customers a chance to try out its efficacy for free by giving a free trial. It has a user friendly interface and can be used easily even by technology challenged people.
  •  Copy9: This app is only for android smartphones and has a complicated usage. Only those who are well versed with technology can use it.
  • DDI Utilities: DDI focuses more on saving information and thus it is better for backup. While it provides monitoring services too, it isn’t discreet. There is a huge risk of getting caught.
  • mSpy: This app tracks accurate location, monitors screen time and blocks inappropriate or unwanted content.
  • Ispyyoo: It includes all the features that a spying app should have. The only drawback is that it is expensive and it does not offer either a trial or a refund.
  • XNSPY: In addition to calls, social media apps like Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram can be monitored and an added benefit is monitoring of emails, SMSs and call logs.

Who can use these Spy apps?

The answer is, anyone and everyone who wants to keep a track on their loved ones and worry about their safety, security and fidelity. Since there are so many options available in the market, customers can choose an app tailor made for their needs. A lot of these apps come with customizable features too which further enhances the customer experience. With the advent of these apps, surveillance is something which has become ordinary. People with little to no technical knowledge can also use these applications to get desired results.

Application Compatibility

The following devices can support these surveillance applications:

  1. Apple phones and other supported devices such as ipads and macbooks
  2. Android phones and tablets
  3. Personal computers and laptops
  4. All cell phone carriers supported in all countries

Customer Service

The customer service is usually excellent across the board with the companies providing 24×7 customer service, technical support through telephone hotlines and active Q and A sessions on their website.

Spying and Parenting

What does it mean to be a good parent in the digital era? This question is subjective. There is no monolithic, stable concept of good parents. There are different parenting styles depending upon one’s culture, beliefs, one’s kids, financial situation and so on. There are no set practices of good parenting. A child’s privacy is very important for them to develop their interiorities and their personalities as well as their trust for the parents.

Privacy is a right and parents should respect their child’s need for it. That said, there arise certain circumstances where monitoring could actually lead to something beneficial. It could lead to protection from potential threats and dangers. A child’s safety is paramount. Monitoring when done with a regard for safety is ethical but for any other reason such as nosing around becomes unethical.


This article hoped to acquaint its readers with the best Snapchat monitoring apps out there. It is important however, to keep the ethics of privacy in mind. The reviews on the existence of these apps have been mixed- some people claiming such apps as inherently devious and sinister and some extolling the ease that they provide in monitoring of many delicate situations and how such monitoring led to cyberbullies being caught, arrest of possible sexual harassers and offenders and in some cases, suicide prevention.

It is important to exercise caution with curiosity. The list compiled in this article shows the best apps out there in terms of ease of use, effectiveness and price. It also gives an additional list of the available products in the spy app market, in order to make it exhaustive and comprehensive.

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