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Whenever we think about entertainment, movies are probably the most popular type of getting entertained without putting in a lot of efforts as there are top sites to download. Everyone has a different type of taste when it comes to movies. While some of us like watching rom-coms, chick-flicks, drama, others might be into action and thriller movies and then there might also be people who strictly like documentaries and stories based on true events.

Short films are also the choice of many as they don’t consume much time and are averagely 30 minutes long and are a good option when you need to take only a short break. With the advent of the internet and online streaming, both the production and consumption of movies have increased by many folds.

It’s a whole different discussion when it comes to “where do I watch these movies?” There was a time when a lot of pirated websites used to provide links to stream and download movies and although that was illegal, people still used to watch those and get themselves into trouble. But today, we have a lot of web sites to download movies that are legal and free and provide a lot of options for the viewers.

Here in this article, we’re going to list top sites to download movies under different categories like – Top sites to download movies in Hindi, Top sites to download movies for free, Top sites to download movies in India, Top sites to download movies in Jio Phone, Top sites to download movies in Telugu, etc

Let’s jump right in:

The Internet Archive

Poster of Internet Archive - Top Sites to Download

The internet archive provides movies for downloading as well as watching movies online. They also provide direct screencasting options to watch movies in case you want to watch it on a bigger screen. Besides movies, they also give access to music, audio, books, sports videos, cultural & academic films as well as news and public affairs. It is among the top sites to download movies for free.


Poster of Youtube - Top Sites to Download

There is no way we could’ve not included YouTube in this list. Besides providing videos on probably every topic you can think of in this world, YouTube has been a go-to source for watching and downloading movies. It is one of the most-streamed applications by Google and is famous for its authenticity.

One of the top sites to download movies for free as well as included in top sites to download movies in Hindi. The only requirement is to have a Google account. Not only this, but YouTube also provides short films and web series exclusively. It is also listed among the top sites to download movies in Telugu.


Poster of Netflix - Top Sites to Download

When it comes to streaming and downloading movies, Netflix can’t be missed. Although you’ll need a subscription to access their content, they have no restrictions on downloads once you have subscribed. You can look up their website; they have different plans according to different needs ad different devices. It has to be among the top sites to download movies in India.

Sony Crackle

Poster of Sony Crackle - Top Sites to Download

It is one of the top sites to download movies in several languages. It’s easy to access and hence is enlisted in top sites to download movies for free. For this, you only need to sign up and create a watch list. If you don’t find them operating in your region, you will have to access it using proxy services.


Poster of HDMoviesMaza.Com - Top Sites to Download

HDMoviesMaza is among top sites to download movies for free and makes all kinds of movies available to in Hindi. They have Hollywood movies, south Indian, Bengali and even Marathi movies dubbed in Hindi and are available to download. This site is among the top sites to download movies in Hindi.


Poster of Teluguprazalu - Top Sites to Download

If you’re looking for top sites to download movies in Telugu, this is one good site to do so. It is also free and safe. You can also get Hollywood and Bollywood movies dubbed in Telugu on this web site and enjoy watching movies in your regional language. They also have TV serials, Short films, ringtones as well as songs.


Poster of CoolMovieZ - Top Sites to Download

Another web site enlisted among top sites to download movies in Telugu is They are not only limited to Telugu. They also have Kannada movies, Punjabi Movies, Bengali Movies, Marathi movies and even Tamil and Malayalam movies. Along with these regional movies, they also allow downloading Bollywood, Hollywood and animated movies.


Poster of Jio Cinema - Top Sites to Download

In case you have been wondering about top sites to download movies in Jio Phone, then you should consider the JioCinema app, it comes with free access to Jio users and has the option to download movies in your Jio phone for free. It is fast, user friendly and hassle-free.


Poster of Movies Wood - Top Sites to Download

This website – – is a free web site for movies in Tamil, Hindi, English, Kannada as well as Malayalam. It can be listed among top sites to download movies in Jio phone, top sites to download movies for free and also top sites to download movies in Telugu. They also provide WWE Videos and movies dubbed in different languages. Movieswood is one of the top sites to download movies in Hindi which are originally from different languages.

There you go! We have curated this list of top sites to download movies in India. These are free and safe and are not pirated so you don’t have to worry about getting in trouble of any kind. Your only concern should be your entertainment and to keep your data plan recharged. These can be streamed on your laptop/PC, Smartphone, Smart TV as well as on your Tablet. 

No matter what kind of movies you like to watch, be it regional or international, full of action or romance, old or new, you can find all your favourites available on these web sites.  So, what are you waiting for now? Go and watch your favourites again or the movies you’ve missed or the ones waiting on your wish list on these web sites and indulge yourself in the world of entertainment.

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